Flood Control Systems in Burbank, IL

Are you looking to avoid damage to your home to avoid flooding? Call (708) 422-3200 to secure your flood control system today!  To save on our services, click here.  We provide an array of services to help prevent sewer back ups in your home or office.

Flooding can be a serious problem for your home not only because of water damage, but also because of sewer back-up that may flow into your home. Basement flooding may be caused by a broken sump pump, problems with the sewer line, or an inadequate sump pit. Additionally, you could experience flooding when there is a natural disaster, and the city sewer lines start to back up. Whatever the cause, it’s important to have a professional deal with the problem and install a flood control system.

At Ability Plumbing, we flood control systems for all of our customers in and around the Burbank, IL area. We have been in the business for over 50 years and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

What is a flood control system?

Flooding in a home can be prevented a number of different ways. Because every home is different, each requires a unique solution to combat the different types of flooding possible. Our skilled plumbers will evaluate your home and identify the potential flooding threats and recommend a system right for your property. The most common  flood prevention systems include:

  • Sump pump installation – A good sump pump is the first defense in providing protection against basement flooding. Sump pumps redirect excess water on the ground away from you home to a water waste system close by. Common causes of flooding occur when the electricity goes out causing sump pumps without back up to fail.  Therefore it is recommended to get a solid backup system to prevent flooding from occurring. There are several options available for back-up systems that may run off a backup battery run coupled with an ejector pump for solid waste.
  • Flood control systems – The flood control systems  we provide are coupled with warranties for parts and labor. These systems use heavy duty pumps with multiple check valves allowing water to drain away from your home to the closest sewer line while preventing other sewage or water backing from backing into your home. These flood control systems use one-way pipe-guards that only open when water is flowing away from your property and will not open open the other way from water flowing the opposite direction towards your house and even provide sufficient protection from intense rains.
  • Trenchless sewer relining – Damaged sewer pipes(usually from tree roots) can be treated by relining your existing sewer pipes with a tube of epoxy resin that coats the inside of corrupted pipes. Flooding from sewers back-up with roots and other debris which strengthen as it dries.  Trenchless sewer repair is a good option for repairing damaged pipes near costly landscaping, walkways, wooden decks, or even patios not disturbed. This costs less than excavation can save your landscaping or driveway and it lasts longer than traditional methods.

Have Questions about which Flood Prevention option is best for your home or office?

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